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We carry out service/maintenance and fault finding on Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pumps which provides domestic space heating and hot water. We are an approved Mitsubishi Installer.


Call: 01737 373 655

Renewable Heating Technology
and Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heating systems have become increasingly popular as they offer far more benefits than a traditional boiler. They are the most cost-effective renewable energy source available to heat/cool air throughout your home, as well as producing hot water all year round.

Air source heat pumps are ideal for:

Homeowners looking for a sophisticated cost-effective heating solution that will save them money on their energy bills for years to come. An air-source heat pump will replace your traditional heating system, suitable for both new builds and retrofitting jobs.

Some benefits of Air Source Heating

• The most cost efficient heating/cooling system available
• Expect 30%-40% reduction in annual energy bills
• Performs in all weather conditions
• Heat or cool your home to your desired temperature 24/7
• The most eco-friendly of all systems
• All units meet today’s air quality standards (BCO-CAT-A)
• Provides sustainable heating for your water & air
• Easy to use
• Quiet mode settings
• Wi-fi compatible
• Allergy-relief options available
• Heat recovery system