Water Heaters, Chilled Water & Warm Air Driers


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Services we offer:

  • Servicing

  • Fault Finding

  • Installations

  • Commissioning

  • Installation Checks

  • All types of undersink, oversink water heaters

  • Alterations, eg: re-locate unit

We carry out works on water heaters whether it be for domestic or commercial use, to provide hot water to wash your hands or boiling water for catering needs. We also carry out works on chilled water units for those scorching hot days, and warm air driers units

We are agents for Heatrae Sadia, we carry stock on our vehicles for most units to reduce second visits and customer inconvienence.

Below we have listed some units we work on:

Drinking Water/Water Heaters

  • Supreme

  • SuperChill

  • Express

  • Streamline

  • UTC

  • Hydroboils

  • LinCat

  • Redring

Warm Air Driers

  • Concept

  • Handy

  • Handy Dri

Agents for:

Who we work for:

  • Private customers

  • Manufacturers

  • Insurance Companies

  • Housing Societies

  • Health Authorities and Local Authorities